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Two-day Icon Painting Workshops at St Seraphim’s, Walsingham

Delivered by Iconographer Helen McIldowie-Jenkins

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News and Views December 2018 – January 2019 issue 20

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I was in the car park in Little Walsingham on Friday evening around 5.15 – I went to the Black Lion for a meal returning to my car about 6pm before going to the Thursford Christmas Show. When I got home to Ipswich after midnight I realised that my iPad was missing. I think it may have fallen out of my car when I got out or back in.

I’ve been in touch with Thursford and they haven’t found it in their car park so the likely place is in the car park at Little Walsingham.

Its a long shot but as it seems like you have a small local community I am hoping that someone might have found it and handed it in somewhere.

If you have any information I would appreciate it.

Many thanks

Geoff Smith


Armistice Commemoration 11 November 2018

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