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Chances: 1-to-1 Coaching

August 5th, 2021

Chances is a county-wide employability project that offers 1-to-1 coaching supporting people to move into or closer to work. You can find more information on our website here .

Chances is an ESF funded project that can take anyone who is unemployed and 18+ years old in Norfolk. 

A5 Chances Leaflet_NorthNorfolk-page-001

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Apply for a Business Grant

August 3rd, 2021

Business grants of £5,000 to £30,000 available from DRIVE.

Contact DRIVE on 01603 222643 or email

Please use the following link to view further information: Drive E Leaflet July 2021

New version of an old book Dunkirk on special offer

February 11th, 2021

Hello I have written a new version of an old book Dunkirk it would normally retail for £25 plus postage but its on special offer of £17.00 plus postage here is the appetiser I hope you like:

“The Retreat is sounded. It echoes across the foreign fields. The Germans are too strong so the men of the BEF are told to make for Dunkirk and the beaches. That call would bring death to many. Some were required to hold the flanks. These were the chosen few. They knew the German armies had better weapons. They knew they would be killed if they didn’t kill first. They knew it could possibly end with hand-to-hand fighting. Would their opponent be stronger, would death come quickly or would it linger? These were the grim thoughts of these rearguard troops. The German Panzer leader smiled to himself as surveyed the number of tanks at his command. We will beat the Englander. He will wish he hadn’t stepped in to help Poland. Now he will learn what power means. Suddenly he puts his arms up. Halt! Peering through his binoculars he looks down the road and sees nothing. He radios to the other tank commanders. Can they see anything? No, they reply. One mile down that road the British are hidden in ditches, farm buildings, hedgerows. They stay low, stay quiet. All they can hear is the thumping of their hearts.  Chapter 2, The Rearguard.”

The first issue of 15 is direct to my Walsingham home after that the book is available at FakenhamPress Solutions via  My website all about the author and why I write is

I wait to hear from you

David Banks.

Road closure on High Street, Walsingham for resurfacing

December 18th, 2020

Essential work will start on Tuesday 12 January to carry out road resurfacing of High Street, Walsingham from the junction with Church Street through to Bridewell Street. The work will take 4 days to complete subject to suitable weather conditions.

To carry out the work safely it will be necessary to close the High Street to all through traffic at these locations during the work.

A fully signed diversion route will be in place while surfacing works are in progress.

Open for business

Vehicle access to businesses and homes within the limits of the works will be maintained from one end of the closure at any time.

Thank you

The County Council would like to thank people for their patience while these works to replace the existing damaged road surface are carried out.

The work which will cost about £90,000 will be carried out by Norfolk County Council’s Community & Environmental Services Department and their contractors.

For Further Information

Dave Barley, Surfacing Engineer   0344 800 8020.

Up-to-date information about roadworks in Norfolk is available on the County Council website at

Notification of resurfacing of the High Street

December 3rd, 2020

PMA728 – High Street – Little Walsingham – Carriageway Resurfacing

Norfolk County Council is planning to conduct carriageway resurfacing works with an associated road closure which is currently programmed to begin on Tuesday 12thth January 2021 for 4 working days. Please find attached Site Location Plan and the Temporary Diversion Route Plan, showing the limit of the proposed works and diversion routes respectively.

During December NPS Building Surveying Group will be carrying out visual inspections of the properties immediately adjacent to the works. This will include taking photographs of the buildings to record the condition of the external walls prior to the works commencing.

During construction, The High Street, Little Walsingham will be closed from or soon after the 12th January 2021 for 4 working days.

Access to businesses will be maintained at all times – however, due to the nature of the works some disruption is inevitable and we will of course do our best to keep this to a minimum. There will be special signs indicating businesses remain open, these will be erected where required.  Emergency services and bus companies will also be made aware of these works, so that arrangements can be made for their vehicles if required.

I accept that the works and temporary traffic management may cause some inconvenience, but I hope that you will understand the need for this work.  If you have any comments, please contact me on 0344 800 8020.

Yours Faithfully

Emma & James

Technician – Highway Projects

Can you help? Do you have workshop / gallery space?

July 10th, 2020

Wall Lights

Tracey Dixon is a silversmith and jeweller who ran a design and make business for 10 years creating a range of contemporary interior products. After a period of teaching Design Technology and Engineering in secondary school she has decided to combine the creative, making and education
skills into teaching silversmithing and jewellery in North Norfolk.

Silver Bowl

Silver Champagne Flute

Tracey lives in Great Walsingham and is in the planning process of starting up the business and currently looking for suitable premises with the hope of opening the business in the new year.

Silver Candlesticks

Tracey would be grateful if anyone knows of any suitable properties to rent in Walsingham or the
surrounding area. In order to provide a socially distanced learning environment the workshop/gallery space would need to be between 400-500 sq ft.

Please contact Tracey on: 01328 821404 / 07939 119326 /

Brass Vase

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