Building Facade - Common Place

Online news gathering for the week, Thursday 21st May

This week

• Chancellor confirmed UK heading for severe recession
• £2bn programme to put cycling and walking at the heart of transport
• £600m issued to councils to support care homes
• Anyone from 5 years and over with symptoms can now get a Covid test
• Tests suggest 1 in 400 people has coronavirus, outside hospitals and carehomes
• Sniffer dog tests begin for Covid virus
• NHS added loss of smell and taste to the virus symptom list
• The Queen approved knighthood for 100 year old Captain Tom Moore
• Dame Vera Lynn, 103 years old, has an album in the top 40 charts
• Eurovision Europe Shine a Light showcased 41 songs.  Iceland’s ‘Think about Things’ was an unexpected hit
• Helena Arguile’s Christian Aid fundraising made £2840. Donate here
• Chelsea Flower Show went virtual

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