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Walsingham Ways to Wellbeing

During the forthcoming weeks when we have been asked to self-distance and perhaps also to self-isolate, you may not be able to get your shopping or medication and you might be feeling lonely. The community in Walsingham is here to be Good Neighbours to help each other. Please read on to find out more about the Walsingham Ways to Wellbeing which will help to see us through this unprecedented and unusual time.

Connect –

Send your mobile number to [email protected] to be added to a WhatsApp group providing support and preventing isolation.

Be active –

Current guidance states exercise (including walking outside) is important and allowed at safe distances from others.

Stay local –

Keep travel to a  minimum and support local businesses—especially those  offering delivery options.

Take notice –

Keep an eye on neighbours where possible and safe to do so.

Support is available for:

    • picking up medication
    • picking up shopping
    • posting mail
    • signposting to other support as needed.

Telephone 07951 335076 or 07967 186197 for help and support.

Give –

If you are not isolating and it is safe to shop, remember those most in need and support the Food Bank at St Mary’s or the Church of the Annunciation.
All churches in Walsingham remain open for private prayer.

Follow all up-to-date guidance to keep yourself and others safe

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