Building Facade - Common Place

Message from Fr Harri Williams

At a time of great need within our community it is important that we seek to be good neighbours to one another. If anyone who is fit and well, is willing to offer practical help or support to other people please send email or ring me. This will enable me to co-ordinate any requests for support from more vulnerable members of our community.
I am particularly mindful of the impact that isolation and loneliness may have on people and will seek to maintain contact with parishioners as much as is possible. Please know that if you are in need then do not hesitate to get in contact with me either by telephone or email. I will do all I can to support and assist you.
Churchwardens will be endeavouring to ensure that churches are left open, in order that they may be used as a place of prayer and stillness for those who may otherwise find it difficult to come to a public act of worship.
Fr Harri Williams
Parish Priest of the Walsingham Benefice
The Vicarage, Church Street
Little Walsingham,
Norfolk, NR22 6BL
01328 821316   [email protected]

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