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Free local delivery service from Walsingham Farms Shop

We are here to help!

Following the recent outbreak of COVID-19 we are launching a local delivery service.

We hope this will help our wonderful local customers, anyone who no longer wishes to venture out, or who feels uneasy or daunted shopping in crowds.

Orders can be placed via social media via Facebook, through our website, on the phone (01328 821877) or email [email protected]

For those of you with friends or relatives that may not be on social media or use the internet, please do share this with them or alternatively you are welcome to make orders for them.

Payments will be taken over the phone and deliveries can be left in a safe place upon request.

Sam Bagge, General Manager Walsingham Farms Shop

About our proposed delivery service.

We currently have no issues with supply from our amazing local suppliers and there will be no minimum orders. We will get deliveries out as quickly as it’s possible to do so.

If all you are after is two sausages, a pint of milk and a loaf of bread then we are here to help! Ready meals are also readily available (literally meals on wheels!).

We are also considering opening our shop an hour earlier to accommodate the elderly and more vulnerable that still wish to get out and about and ensure the basics are still available to them. A further announcement on this will be made in due course.

As with all other businesses we are actively and regularly sanitising all contact areas throughout the day and our staff are washing their hands as much as possible, even more than we normally would!

If anyone has any further suggestions as to how we can be of more assistance to those who need us most please do let us know!

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