Building Facade - Common Place
A hug for the chairman of Walsingham parish council

The Chairman of the Parish Council gets a hug

The weather was kind as Walsingham celebrated Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday with a Big Picnic in the Abbey Grounds









Little dog hoping for a bite of burger

This little chap was hoping for a bit of burger


Barbecue by Walsingham Farms Shop

Walsingham Farms Shop did the barbecue

Chatting in Walsingham Abbey Grounds

Enjoying a natter, and it didn’t rain…

On the day of the national ‘Big Lunch’, on Sunday 12th June, it was a peaceful afternoon enjoying the tranquillity of the Abbey Grounds, while Walsingham Farms Shop provided a barbecue.

Organised by Walsingham Parish Council with Walsingham Development Group.

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