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Clean for the Queen

CLean for the Queen Walsingham 2016On a lovely sunny spring afternoon there were worse things to be doing than spend an hour or two gathering litter for Walsingham’s Clean for the Queen. Provided with special purple litter sacks, grabbers and gloves, the small band of pickers set off from the Mill Car Park each taking a different route out of the village.




We were amused and annoyed to find McDonald’s and Kentucky wrappers – it’s a long way from their nearest branches to come to dispose of fast food packaging!

Cigarette butts don’t decompose and neither do sweet wrappers.

Litter gathers where people park.

We plan to hold further litter picks in the autumn and in spring next year following verge cutting.

In the meantime if you are out and about in Walsingham, please use the rubbish bins provided.

Dog waste: do not allow your dog to foul the footpaths.

Dog waste in sacks may be disposed of in the regular rubbish bins.

Elizabeth Meath Baker, Parish Councillor

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