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“From its wide skies to vast, sandy, windswept beaches, Norfolk bequeaths you that most valuable and elusive thing in our crushed, hectic modern lives: a sense of space.”

Patrick Barkham, The Guardian.

Walsingham News

Extension of Road Closure

The road closure at Holt Road to Common Place has been extended to allow for remedial work the flint wall to be completed. It is hoped that the road will re-open on 13 April.

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Walsingham Picture Palace Winter/Spring programme continues

Tuesday March 21st A STREET CAT NAMED BOB 12A

Homeless and recovering drug addict James Bowen has finally got his own bedsit and attempts to build a life and future for himself busking in Covent Garden. Returning home one day, he finds a ginger cat sat outside his door. At first he ignores the cat, but over the next few days the cat continues to linger. James discovers an infected wound on the animal’s leg so he takes the cat to be treated by the RSPCA and from that point onwards the two lives become entwined.

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Thank you

Last Saturday (18th June) was our wedding day. Someone let one of our dogs out of our bungalow in Little Snoring, and he was picked up by a wonderful lady who was from Walsingham. You can imagine the panic we got in, an hour and a half before we get married, and our beloved dog is missing. They put him in their car, and bought him home to us. I never had the chance to thank them personally, and am hoping that this message might give me that opportunity – they saved our dog from being hit by a car, and saved our wedding day…… we shall be for ever grateful to them.

Erica Shaw