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Our Spring programme continues with LION (PG) on Tuesday 30th May

Tickets £4 (£3.50 members, £3 under 16) on the door. Doors open 7pm for tickets and refreshments. Programmes begin at 7.30pm, usually with a short.

Poster for Lion the movieWalsingham Picture Palace is at Walsingham Parish Hall (Odd Fellows Hall), 14 High Street, Walsingham, NR22 6AA

Five year old Saroo gets lost on a train which takes him thousands of miles across India, away from home and family. Saroo must learn to survive alone in Kolkata, before ultimately being adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty five years later, armed with only a handful of memories, his unwavering determination, and a revolutionary technology known as Google Earth, he sets out to find his lost family and finally return to his first home.

With Dev Patel (most recently seen at the Picture Palace in The Man Who Knew Infinity) and Nicole Kidman, who has described Lion as “a love letter” to the two children she adopted herself in her 20s when married to Tom Cruise. A remarkable performance also from Sunny Pawar (now just 8) as the 5 year old Saroo.

‘A deeply empathetic performance from Dev Patel and an unflinching view of child poverty on the streets of Calcutta provide a winning edge to Lion.’

‘This big-hearted film does full justice to the horror, the pathos and the drama of his postmodern odyssey.’

On Tuesday 20th June we screen DENIAL (12A)

Director: Mick Jackson. Starring: Rachel Weisz, Timothy Spall, Tom Wilkinson, Andrew Scott, Jack Lowden, Caren Pistorius, Alex Jennings. 110 mins.

The story of university professor Deborah Lipstadt’s legal battle for historical truth against World War II historian David Irving, who accuses her of libel when she declares him a Holocaust denier. In the English legal system the burden of proof in a libel case is on the accused, so it’s up to Lipstadt and her legal team to prove the essential truth that the Holocaust occurred.

Based on the true events of the 1996 libel case, adapted from Lipstadt’s acclaimed book ‘History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier’, the film documents the triumph of truth and reason over ignorance and prejudice.

‘Lipstadt’s day in court with Irving has been dramatised by David Hare with his usual keen fidelity to argument and counter-argument.’ Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph

‘As flat-earthery returns to the world, this drama about a historian’s pursual through the UK justice system by a Holocaust denier is refreshing and very pertinent’. Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

On Tuesday 18th July HIDDEN FIGURES (PG) Director: Theodore Melfi; starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner. 127 mins

As the USA raced against Russia to put a man in space, NASA found untapped talent in a group of African-American female mathematicians that served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history. Based on the unbelievably true life stories of three of these women, known as “human computers” as they quickly rose the ranks of NASA alongside many of history’s greatest minds specifically tasked with calculating the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit, and guaranteeing his safe return.

‘Yes, the story may have been panel-beaten into a gleaming, Oscar-friendly shape. That Hidden Figures is still so entertaining and moving is due in large part to a hugely likeable central trio of performances.’ Ed Potton, Times

‘This is an immensely likeable film and one that draws overdue attention to a story that has been neglected for far too long.’ Geoffrey Macnab, Independent

Tuesday 22nd August: film to be confirmed

A word about Creative Arts East. We belong to Village Screen, the community cinema network set up by our regional arts organisation, Creative Arts East, who also help us with programming and film licences. Creative Arts East supports regional arts in a broad way, bringing live performance, music and theatre to Norfolk and Suffolk, alongside a portfolio of projects that involve people in cultural education, that improve health and well-being and that assist in the development of community volunteers.

While facing significant cuts to their funding, from now until 31st July 2019, all individual, corporate or private donations in support of their work will be matched £1 for £1 by funding from Arts Council England up to a total of £150,000. This will make a huge difference and enable them to continue their work with rural communities.