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“From its wide skies to vast, sandy, windswept beaches, Norfolk bequeaths you that most valuable and elusive thing in our crushed, hectic modern lives: a sense of space.”

Patrick Barkham, The Guardian.

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Norfolk Hero unveils Walsingham village map

Lt Cmdr Francis unveils the new village map

Lt Cmdr Francis unveils new Walsingham village map

Walsingham Primary School children were excited to see the new map

Walsingham Primary School children were excited to see the new map

From the EDP Tuesday 7th May 2013:

Helping to put historic village firmly on the map

Local Hero Lt Cmdr Roy Francis joined Walsingham Primary School children for the unveiling of the new Walsingham Village Map.

Founder of the Wells-Walsingham Railway, Lt Cmdr Francis (RN) is also one of the last survivors of HMS Edinburgh, sunk with a large amount of gold on board during a Russian convoy in the second world war.

He told the children how lucky they were to live in such an historic village as Walsingham.

Now in his 90s, Cmdr Francis made some history himself, as a real local tourism ‘hero’ and pioneer.


He built first the beach railway at Wells, and followed it with the famous Wells and Walsingham Light Railway, the longest 10¼” narrow gauge steam railway in the world, which he opened in 1982.

Two unique Garratt locomotives Norfolk Hero and Norfolk He

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