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“From its wide skies to vast, sandy, windswept beaches, Norfolk bequeaths you that most valuable and elusive thing in our crushed, hectic modern lives: a sense of space.”

Patrick Barkham, The Guardian.

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St Seraphim’s

Old Railway Station, Walsingham

Old Railway Station, Walsingham








This little Orthodox Chapel used to be the railway station for Walsingham. Perhaps you recognise the building or perhaps you’ve visited the Chapel or remember it as the railway station. Locals might remember Leon Liddament, the iconographer who worked there for many years.

St Seraphim’s Trust is applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund for money to make the building and its iconography and railway heritage more accessible to the public. We are interested in finding out what people would like to learn about this heritage.

The funding application process is competitive – we need to show the Heritage Lottery Fund that people are interested in what happens to this beautiful building. Whether you’re a local or someone who’s thinking about visiting Walsingham, please help us out by taking a few minutes to fill in http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FVWYD8W .

Thank you.

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