Building Facade - Common Place

Bulb Planting Day at St Seraphim’s

On our Open Day one visitor suggested that we hold a bulb planting day, which took place on 22nd October. The bulbs planted will be the first show of colour in the spring.

As a result of these two open events, two local volunteers have now started to help regularly in the garden. If you would like to help with the garden project please get in touch. Many hands make light work and will certainly add to the enjoyment of creating a wonderful garden which will be open to all.

Local people have told us the property brings reminders of the days of the railway and they look forward to the restoration of the platform and the display of memorabilia. The station sign has recently been unearthed by the community payback volunteers whose work made the open day possible.

The proposed garden will provide a space to reminisce about those glorious days of the train, as well as providing a welcome quiet space, overlooking a field with sheep and a panoramic view of Walsingham.

St Seraphim’s Chapel

The garden and platform as well as the station building will eventually provide a ‘living history’ space which can be open all year round for visitors and for activities in the garden.

If you would like to help us or would like to know more please contact Sylvia Batchelor on 01328 820 097