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“From its wide skies to vast, sandy, windswept beaches, Norfolk bequeaths you that most valuable and elusive thing in our crushed, hectic modern lives: a sense of space.”

Patrick Barkham, The Guardian.

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St Seraphim’s holds an Open Day

Our Open Day on 3rd September was well attended by pilgrims, locals, tourists and friends of St Seraphim’s.

Visitors were very interested in the garden plans, therapies and the railway. There was also a display of the past 45 years of the chapel and iconography.

A big thank you to the volunteers who manned the gate and distributed our visitor packs, containing information and a questionnaire relating to the plans for the garden and proposed activities.

A volunteer was on hand to discuss and demonstrate some of the therapies she plans to offer. The proposed garden features were marked out in the garden with descriptions.

We are most grateful to a local couple who brought along a book on the Wells and Dereham railway line containing photographs and information on Walsingham Station, and then donated it for the project. They will write some memories of the station for us and are looking forward to the next open day!

If you have any memories or pictures of St Seraphim’s during the time it was the busy Walsingham Station, please let us know. We are collecting as much information as possible to display and share with our visitors.


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